yyogurt unflavored (y.u.) 


In Shanghai 2009, Chinese designer Yu yingnan (yu yu) created her design brand Yu Yu . in 2011 Yu Yu is  renamed as yyogurt unflavored (y.u.), becoming the high-end design brand of yyogurt.*

As said by laozi (mystic philosopher of ancient China), "taste the unflavored so as to get the flavor". the unflavored, natural and pure, is more closer to the real taste. 

yyogurt unflavored (y.u.) is exactly the designer's personal approach to the nature of design and life. It is unflavored, bold and experimental design, small batch or limited edition, positioning high-end design conscious customers.

The design is inspired from daily objects, childhood memory, painting and music etc. This indie brand is carried by art shops, design shops, boutiques and museum shops across China and more in internationals.

yyogurt is one of the leading creative indie brands in China, created by designer yu yu and Kevin xing in 2009. it is playful, innovative, original and trendy, aiming to become the "adult's kindergarten".